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Your Path. Your Plan. Your Process.

Our Promise

We will provide the instruction and the knowledge you need to succeed. We will provide the tools and accountability you need to train and prepare with an edge. And though society's math says the odd's are stacked against you. We say they need some NEW Math, because your chances to succeed are better than you ever thought possible!

From:  Anthony Porter
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear parents and players,

Yes, it's that time of the year again...

Club basketball season is just around the corner and we wanted to send this as your official invitation to join us for tryouts.

Each year we bring together Raleigh's hardest working and most dedicated players to share EXACTLY what I'm Possible Training is finding to be most effective in skill enhancement...

AND then work with players to transfer what they learn DIRECTLY into their game for maximum improvement. 

Yes, we train. That's what we do.

We want to help our players get more out of their training — to get everything they absolutely can out of everything they've got— and stop wasting hours in the gym with ineffective training methods and programs that are hurting their chances of reaching their goals and dreams.

We believe in the dreams of our players. And we believe in aggressively pursuing those dreams.

We are a "development first" program....Focused on players and the process. Not parents and the politics.

Carolina United was created to be a Complete Basketball Player Development Program.

Where players will develop knowledge, master skills, and grow confidence each session, and then given the opportunity to apply their training in competitive assessments through league play.

This comprehensive program will provide players with all the necessary basketball components to reach their maximum potential as a player by focusing on consistent, progressive instruction, and proven training methods...

We believe player development should be a process to master skills, not just learn them.

Each player is given the tools for accountability and taught to self-assess and make corrections so that they can repeat what they learn with us and master new skills on their own.

And the end result?

Players see better results with us because training sessions are used to confront new weakness and dive deeper into the game — coached by professional, experienced, and I'm Possible trained and certified coaches committed to highly organized practices and innovative training — intended to not only master skills but also to teach basketball, build confidence, and develop character.

Parents, we believe that you are not wasting your time and energy by investing in your children and supporting them in their dreamsthey need your support and you may need ours!

Players, we believe you can turn your dreams into a reality! Like many athletes, you may have been told that your dream is unrealistic. We are set to prove that there is no such thing as unrealistic dreams, only unrealistic plans for achieving them.

Through our training innovation and expertise, and your hard work and grit, you will be able to say with confidence you will succeed because you have:  A Path. A Plan. And a Process.

And that's our promise!

See you on the court.

Training is believing,

Anthony Porter