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6 Unbeatable Components You'll Not Find Anywhere Else

I'm Possible's Elite Skills Personal Training combines 6 incredible components that give you everything you need — without all of the guesswork and uncertainty —guaranteed to give you the best opportunity to succeed and become the most skilled player you could possibly be.

Component #1

Built on Quality Mentorship and Expert Guidance

Getting players to new levels and turning them into the most skilled player they could possibly be is what we do best.

Nothing Is More Important To Your Success Than A Structured Plan And Expert Guidance...

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If you've struggled to put the pieces together and find a clear path, or blueprint, in your personal training to take you to that next level — It's not your fault.

In fact, all too often in today's personal training environment, trainers will overload players with workouts, jumping from one workout to the next, but never allowing a player to fully develop and transfer what was taught to the game before moving on. This poor planning can be a HUGE waste of time and energy that leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed with your development...

Component #2

Built on a structured plan

Our promise is, you will see better results training with us because training sessions are used to confront new weakness, take a deep dive into your game to expose where you need to improve right now, and then by adding proven enhancements to your raw skill sets, that are strategically and purposefully aimed at specific details of your game — you will see the transformation!

You'll get a personalized plan and process with guidance to repeat what you've learned, on your own time, through your cloud app and your Skill Lab add-ons.

Personal Workouts

2-4 workouts per month with your selected trainer

I'm Possible Cloud App

Free access to all 14+ RealSkill checklist training programs

Skill Lab add-ons

50% discount on Complete Player, Shooting Lab, Athletic Performance Memberships

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Component #3

Built on a better process and schedule

The most common training mistake is to find a personal trainer and cram as many workouts into a week as possible. This often happens in the "off-season" or a few weeks before a tryout.

As one of the world-leader's in basketball skill enhancement, we know how to get players to the next level. This comes from enhancing your skills through our checklist training programs while spacing your personal training sessions out in a manner that serves long-term growth.

Bottom line - 2-4 workouts per month over a year is much, much, more beneficial than cramming 48 workouts into an off-season.

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    Component #4

    Built on Better Tools

    You will have access to our innovative I'm Possible training tools and learn to train in ways that simulate game-like situations to aggressively confront weaknesses and expose where you need to improve.  Our tools and innovative methods provide real game-like accountability, feedback & the ability to self-assess and make corrections, on your own.

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    Component #5

    Built On Our Checklist System

    You will undergo the same Checklist Training approach I’m Possible has used with top NBA™ teams and NBA™ Allstar players, including Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram, Karl-Anthony Towns, Victor Oladipo and the entire Indiana Pacers’ squad!

    Free I'm Possible Cloud App Access

    14+ RealSkill checklist training programs loaded with more than 700 skills and methods.

    Document Your Journey

    Your trainer will use the I'm Possible Cloud App to document your training journey and keep you organized.

    Repeatable workouts

    After each of your workouts, your trainer will check off the skills that you accomplished, allowing you to go back and review the skills on your own.

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    Take a minute to...




    RealSkill Checklist 1&2

    133 Training assignments to enhance ball handling, driving, finishing, shooting, and overall basketball footwork.

    RealShooter Checklist 1&2

    144 detailed lessons for you to make your overall shooting accuracy and shot making ability better than ever before.

    RealFootwork Checklist 1&2

    96 training assignments for you to improve your basketball specific footwork in the areas of: ball handling, driving, triple threat, pivots, change of directions and more.

    RealFinishing Checklist 1&2

    96 training assignments that will help you finish the basketball with confidence, accuracy and consistency to make those days of smoking layups a thing of the past!

    RealHandles Checklist

    Ball Handling Classics filled with 85 of I'm Possible's most famous ball handling method on the topics of Brain Work (17), Active Feet (13), Stationary (15), Mechanical Methods (15), Low Stances (19), Coordination (6)

    In-season Essentials

    Refine and enhance your skills during the season, guaranteed! 32 In-Season Checklist Training items for ball handling, shooting, finishing, and footwork with a full In-Season Calendar to follow.

    Shooting Form Challenge

    Featuring the EXACT Skill Enhancement Training we've used with NBA™ Allstars, NBA™ teams & two NBA™ 3-Point contest champions. You are guaranteed to improve your technique & hit more shots from all ranges.

    RealLive Checklist 1&2

    A weekly 'live' workout program, 52 for a year, where players can train with Micah Lancaster for a 45 minute workout each week and repeat the workouts as often as they like.

    I'm Possible Kids

    160 twenty minute assignments to engage and show beginner basketball players how much fun training can really be, while introducing them to concepts and skills they will need to make their dreams come true

    Attention Parents... We've got you covered!

    Component #6

    Built on a support system

    When it comes to nurturing your child's basketball career, there are two major challenges that parents often face…

    Not knowing what drills and skills they should be doing.

    The first challenge is not knowing exactly what drills and skills your child should be doing to reach their full potential.

    Sure, you want to support them…

    But without the right guidance, it's easy to feel lost and uncertain!

    Are they practicing the right skills?

    Are they focusing on the areas that truly matter?

    Without a clear roadmap…

    It's difficult to ensure they are making progress and developing the skills they need to excel.

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      Lack of coaching away from their in-person sessions.

      The second challenge arises when your child is away from their in-person coaching sessions…

      As a parent, you want to continue the momentum and provide expert guidance even when their coach isn't around.

      But how do you know if you're giving them the right advice?

      How do you replicate the expertise and insights of a seasoned coach?

      It's a dilemma that can leave any parent feeling helpless and wondering if they're truly helping their child grow as an athlete.

      These challenges are real…

      And you're not alone in facing them.

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        Parent Support Included

        Together, let's pave the way to greatness.

        We believe that every parent should have access to the knowledge and tools required to support their child's basketball journey effectively. We are here for you to seek guidance, ask questions, and gain invaluable insights into the world of basketball.


        It's time to give your child the advantage they deserve

        Unlock the ultimate basketball training experience

        Empower your child with the resources they need to thrive, and watch as they unlock their true potential on the basketball court.
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        Real Skill Coaching

        Expert Guidance

        Your trainer will use the I'm Possible Cloud App to guide and document your training journey. They will know exactly what drills to focus on. Ensuring they are working on the right skills at the right time. No more guesswork or uncertainty. Every aspect of their training is carefully planned to maximize their potential and accelerate their progress.

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        Real Accountability

        Personalized Progress Tracking

        Each player will receive their own personal account within the app, allowing them to track their progress through the programs. They can mark drills that need improvement, save their favorite exercises, and stack skills to becoming a complete player with a world-class skill set.

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        Real Support

        Designed Around Support

        This membership is specifically designed to provide the guidance, support, and training your child needs to excel in basketball, even when they're away from their in-person coaching sessions. Your child will have access to a comprehensive and meticulously crafted training curriculum.

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        Additional Training

        Skill Lab Group Training Add-ons

        As a Elite Skills PT Member you get 50% off all our group training programs: Skill Lab Memberships such as Complete Player, Shooting Lab, Athletic Performance; Where you can join a handful of the Hungriest and Hardest Working Players like you. 

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